Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hip hop, hippity hop!

It's been very quiet here on the homefront, I know.. but actually, on the *home* front it has been anything but! In the last few weeks I've been madly trying to pack up and move one house and unpack another house.. and clean, entertain children (school holiday bonus), attend birthday parties, plan my own birthday dinner and the list goes on. 

Sadly, this has meant not much time for crafting lately - but I *have* managed to baste both throw quilts (Buttercup & Vintage Modern) and have started quilting the Vintage Modern one, Not that I've touched it in days. Yesterday I spent some time finishing off my #talknt swap gift.. which is supposed to be posted around now! Just need to bind it and then it's ready to wrap and send on its way. Please forgive me for not having it finished already partner!

But assuming that I manage to finally finish all the last annoying little bits to do with leaving/cleaning the old house so that I can finally kiss it goodbye, my life should steadily return to normal (albeit with a giant pile of boxes in my lounge that are begging to be rehoused) and I'll have way more time to be doing the fun stuff! 

In anticipation of the aforementioned fun, I've signed up to participate in fellow QCA member Kristy's "Practically Paper Piecing" blog hop that will be happening next month. I've got a couple of ideas in mind, and once my birthday present arrives (EQ7, baby yeah!) I should be able to finalise my project design and get on my way!

I'm also participating in Beth from Plum & June's "Let's Get Acquainted!" blog hop in late October, so I've another tutorial to plan along the way :)

And to round things out, I'll also be participating in a bloggy book tour in mid October, but I won't give away too many details yet as I'm not sure if they're public.. but stay tuned!

In the meantime, I hope to spend less time trying to scrape through the day to day post-moving madness and more time sewing and blogging about it! I write an awful lot of blog posts in my head atm - when will they design a brain to blogger post converter??

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