Monday, 13 February 2012

February Bee Blocks

I completed my very first bee blocks for the Quilt Club Australia Skill Building Bee (Hive #2) - they'll be sent up to Waverlee from LittleGuineaPigs. Waverlee lives in Geraldton, which is where I got married last year! (But no, we've not met in person... yet!)

Waverlee wanted us to make her some of those gorgeous string blocks (in red & aqua) I keep seeing everywhere at the moment, so it was an excellent opportunity to play with them :) Phillipa and I raided our stashes and pooled our fabrics for a bit more variety.

Here is what I ended up with..

Bee Block #1

Bee Block #2
Jane from Quiltjane is leading the March block and has announced that she's keen to do Dresden plates... I've never made one of those before either, but I've been dying to try them out. Bees are so much fun!


  1. The aqua and red look fab together. Nice to see 2 combinations.

  2. Your blocks are looking great Tracey! Love the colour combo :)

  3. Beautiful string blocks, they are so much fun to make aren't they!
    Quilting by the River


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