Monday, 10 October 2011

More holiday shopping

On Saturday I went back to Spotlight to check out what other quilting fabrics they had marked down - not with any particular expectations, mostly just curiosity! (And of course, the lure of their birthday celebrations - the kids were keen to get a "showbag" and have their faces painted)

As it happens I managed to find a co-ordinated range of fabrics "Tulips in Bloom" all on sale! Initially I'd set aside some other fabrics, not for any particular project but because they were cute (including a pink polka dot that I just HAD to have anyway - pic right at the bottom of the post) but there was this one fabric, a brown and blue floral that kept catching my eye... so I pulled it out and then noticed some other fabrics that matched.. checked the labels.. yep, same range! and started hunting for others. This was my final selection:

Tulips in Bloom, Blue & Brown

You might be able to just see the rabbits & birds hiding in the design

Tulips in Bloom - "Leaves"

Tulips in Bloom - "Petals"
Amusingly enough, the light blue "Petals" fabric is the one that I'd purchased on Thursday to make the Pillowcase Top for Blossom!
Co-ordinating homespun

Doesn't it look lovely? I can't wait to start cutting!
I was only going to buy 1/2 metre of each fabric because I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but then I decided that I would use it to make a quilt top for my husband and me, which meant that I would need probably closer to a metre of each because we have a king-size bed.. and at $6/metre, why not?!
The pink polka dot that I just couldn't walk past
All up I had close to 13 metres of fabric, and for the bargain price of $72! Now all I need is a design..


  1. Hi Tracey,
    What gorgeous fabric!!! You'll be so busy creating! Thanks so much for visiting the seminar--I hope it was helpful. I'm your newest follower and it's so nice to meet you!


  2. Beautiful fabrics and how neat that you found so many in the same line! Can't wait to see what you make!

  3. They look like William Morris designs. Great buy.


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