Friday, 7 October 2011

Quilts for my babies (Part 2)

I was pregnant with Blossom while I was making Bean's quilt, so naturally once I finished his quilt I knew that I'd need to make another quilt straight away. This time I found a pattern from Lincraft (and let me tell you that I didn't have anywhere near as many problems with that pattern!) although I purchased the fabrics from Spotlight. The design was a little more complex than the one I'd made for Bean, but I was feeling much more confident and adventurous! (And when I say complex I feel I should point out that it wasn't very complex - just different sized squares and rectangles!)

As usual, I didn't follow the pattern exactly because I wanted the quilt to be about the same size as Bean's, and that meant that I had to play with the layout a little and add some extra blocks to make it fit the approximate dimensions.

I really enjoyed putting Blossom's quilt top together, and I absolutely LOVED the butterfly fabric. So much so that when I saw the same fabric in pink some months later  I just HAD to buy it to make some sheets for her cradle. I wish I'd bought more! Of course, by the time I'd finished my quilt top it was time for Blossom to make her appearance and it hadn't been quilted. Eventually when Blossom was about 6 weeks old one of the ladies at the quilting group very generously offered to take my quilt top and quilt it on her longarm quilting frame. She chose a lovely curvy wave design which was much better than anything that I could have come up with! One day I'll learn how to free motion quilt, but that's a project for another quilt...

Once I got the quilt top back it took me about 6-8 months to complete the binding, but eventually I did! Why did no one ever tell me about stitch in the ditch until AFTER I finished my quilts??
Both Blossom & Bean love their quilts, and it still makes me feel warm & fuzzy to see them in use. As I mentioned though, Bean is outgrowing his quilt and sadly, so is Blossom. So I guess once I've finished the Harry Potter quilt I will have to come up with a new quilt design for Blossom. Perhaps something in the divine Riley Blake "Sweet Divinity" fabric that I ordered from Stitch Steals.
One of the other things on Blossom's bed is a cushion (Laura Ashley fabric) that my mommy made for me when I was a little girl. She also made me matching curtains for my room. I don't think we still have the curtains, but it's kind of sweet that Blossom has the cushion on her bed now.

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