Monday, 21 November 2011

Weekday Baking: Gingernut Banoffee Tarts

It was my "turn" to have the girls over for Tuesday craft and Phillipa always puts on delightful nibblies so I had to make something a bit more exciting than a packet of biscuits... What could be easier and be way more impressive than the amount of effort? These delightful Gingernut Banoffee Tarts, of course!

Take 1 packet of Arnott's Gingernut biscuits (or Butternut Snap, or any other biscuit that takes your fancy) and lay out into a patty pan (I had to do mine in 2 batches because my patty pan tin only has 12 spaces). Place into a hot oven for 2-4 minutes. Yes, that's right - ONLY 2-4 minutes. Remove from the oven and carefully press down into patty pan so that they become cute little curved tart shells. Allow to cool for a minute, then remove from patty pan. 

Fill with Nestle Top 'n' Fill Caramel (or chocolate ganache topped with strawberry is FABULOUS too.. you could even make your own caramel if you're inclined) and then when ready to serve, top with whipped cream (canned is ok!) and a slice of banana. And there you have it!

I forgot to take a photo of them when they were ready to serve until there were only 4 left! They were really yummy and popular with both the girls and the assorted small children!

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  1. This is so much spicy and sweet. I hope i need to quit my diet plans for having this. That's really lovely to make and have them. Thank you for this blog.


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