Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tutorial: Split Drunkard's Path Star

A while ago I mentioned that I was going to write up a tutorial for the Split Drunkard's Path star block, but I must confess that Christmas and the end of the school year distracted me.. but now all that's over, it's a new year and the perfect time to get back on the wagon!

Split Drunkard's Path block
Step 1. Choose up to 8 coordinating fabrics - 2 for the "background" and 6 for the star. I cut my Drunkard's Path blocks using my Accuquilt GO! cutter and my 3.5" Drunkard's Path die. If you were using this block on its own for a quilt it would look amazing done with the 7" DP die. You will have left over DP pieces which you can use for other stars, or put aside for another project.

Step 2. Cut a total of 16 DP blocks, consisting of:

- 8 x "Background Fabric #1" (Outer curve pieces)
- 8 x "Background Fabric #2" (Inner curve piece)
- 4 x "Star Point Fabric #1" (Outer curve pieces)
- 4 x "Star Point Fabric #2" (Inner curve pieces)
- 2 x "Star Centre Fabric #1" (Outer curve pieces)
- 2 x "Star Centre Fabric #2" (Outer curve pieces)
- 2 x "Star Centre Fabric #3" (Inner curve pieces)
- 2 x "Star Centre Fabric #4" (Inner curve pieces)

Step 3: Pair the DP block pieces, alternating the "Star Centre Fabrics" (eg #1 + #3, #1 + #4, #2 + #3 and #2 + #4). Sew using your preferred piecing method. I pinned the blocks for the first 2 stars, and am now using a Curvemaster foot to piece the blocks for subsequent blocks.. seriously, much more consistent on the seams, with no pinning!

Step 4: Pair up 4 of the "Background" blocks with 4 of the "Star Point" blocks, and the 4 "Star Centre" blocks, matching the inner pieces. 

Step 5: Pin and mark a line diagonally through the centre of the block.

Step 6: Sew 1/4" on either side of the line. (as shown above with grey stitching + white stitching)

Step 7: Using rotary cutter cut along the pencilled line so that you have 2x blocks. Press open.

Step 8: Lay out your blocks to form a star shape. The 4x corner "Background" blocks will be larger than the other blocks as they haven't been cut up, but don't panic.. we'll trim them up!

Step 9: Sew the pairs of "Star Points" and the "Star Centres" together, making sure to match the curves. Attach one set of "Star Points" at the top and the bottom of the "Star Centres" to make a column. Press seams.

Step 10: Trim your 4 "Background" blocks to match your other blocks. I trimmed the outer curve pieces and left the inner curves at full size, but you could trim it evenly all the way around if you prefer.

Step 11: Sew the "Background" blocks to the remaining "Star Point" blocks so that you end up with 3 "columns" of blocks (as shown above). Press seams and then sew columns together making sure to match seams. Press again, and you're done! (Square up blocks as required)

My first Split Drunkard's Path Star complete!

And a second one so you can see it in a different colour
Effective, yes?


  1. OMG that is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. Great tut!

  2. Thanks for the great tute! This is one of the most beautiful block I have ever seen.

  3. Very clever block and clear tute. Looks great!

  4. Wow I love it! Thanks for the really clear tutorial.

  5. What a unique square, love it!

  6. Oooh, I've been waiting for you to post this!

  7. Great tutorial, I pinned this for when I'm ready for it. What a wonderful block!!

  8. This is amazing. What are the fabrics you used? They're exactly what I'm hunting for for a quilt for my mum.

  9. Awesome..just the challenge I needed for my bee...thanks!

  10. Can you please provide templates and measurements for those of us who don't have the GO cutter? Thx!

  11. Can you please provide templates and measurements for those of us who don't have the GO cutter? Thx!

  12. Please provide instructions for those of us that don't have the GO cutter. Thanks.

  13. go to and find drunkards path block. while it says it's a 12" block, it is really 4 - 6" blocks. this will be a larger block than above. Or just search for the DP block until you find one the size you want.

  14. I have just bought the drunkards path go die and now know what my first project will be. Thank you.


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