Tuesday, 20 March 2012

It's a day for finishes...

And better yet, it's only Monday! Although given what's coming up on my calendar, it might be 80% of what I get done this week.. but going back to the finishes, I finally finished my sister-in-law's baby quilt, ready for her baby shower this coming Saturday.

Would you believe it took me about as long to tie off all the loose thread ends as it did to quilt it? Thread ends are boring biscuits! Definitely going to add that "automatic lock stitch" feature to my list of requirements for when I get a new machine!

 But I'm happy with how it turned out overall - just need to wash it now so that it's all ready for my new niece/nephew to use when she/he arrives. (Or is it nicer to gift it to my SIL all pretty and shiny and new and perfect?) And I managed to complete it in a week.. with 5 days to spare until the baby shower.. my friend Catherine from Banana Monkey didn't think I'd be able to do it - oh ye of little faith!

 Today I also decided to quickly whip up another apron like the ones I made my kidlets for Christmas - this time it's for Phillipa's middle daughter who is turning 5 on Wednesday. Miss J is one of my favourite kids, and when I made the other aprons she helped model them so I could work out where the snaps had to go on the neck strap... and she really wanted one of her own, so I knew it would be the perfect birthday present. I'm pretty stoked that I managed to complete it from scratch in a day along with finishing the baby quilt!

 I'm linking up with Manic Monday over at SewHappyGeek as well as {Sew} Modern  Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations.

Sew Happy Geek


  1. I love the colours in this quilt Tracey. Anything lime green really takes my fancy.

  2. The quilt looks fabulous! Stopping by from the "Linky Follower Party" hop! You can find me at www.lucasandmahina.com!


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