Wednesday, 21 March 2012

On a Roll!

Following on from yesterday's productivity, I finished Belinda & Linda's Good Fortune mug rugs this morning..


Top side

Reverse side
I still have mine to make, and I was planning to make it exactly the same.. but I had an extra 9 patch block and I hate seeing things got to waste... so instead I used the extra pieces to square my blocks up.. I think I'll put a thin border of white homespun around it before I quilt and bind it.. it'll end up being a little bigger than the other mug rugs, so I guess it could always double as a candle mat!

 Next I pulled out the Drunkard's Path blocks that I'd split and pressed (enough for 3x star blocks), squared them up to 3.5" and laid them out. Unfortunately one of my blocks doesn't quite work for me (colour combination-wise) so I set it aside because I might be able to switch around some of my other blocks and retrieve the situation. But I finished one piecing one block (I couldn't be bothered going outside to the ironing board in the dark, which is why it's not pressed) and I've nearly finished the other (see note re: pressing)...
One block complete (needs final pressing)
  I *did* work out how to do that cool web string chaining thing though, so that my block actually stays looking like that even if I pick it up, and once I've pressed it all I'll need to do is just zip down those rows and it will be done!
Second block nearly complete 
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  1. Love the yellow and blue star blocks!

  2. Those star blocks are great!! Love the mug rugs. I've never seen them that shape before and I really like it.

  3. Beautiful yellow and blue blocks! Please tell me more about "web string chaining thing." That sounds like something I need to be doing.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful mug rugs and yours being bigger works too! I know what you mean about leftover/odd blocks!


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