Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sharing in each other's Good Fortune..

So I had this idea late last year about making some mug rugs for my girlfriends using a charm pack of "Good Fortune" by Kate Spain. Originally it was supposed to be part of their Christmas presents, but I ran out of time. But I still really wanted to make them.. it all came out of this silly little "Chinese moneybags" meme-y type thing that went around, where you added up your age, plus the last year you were born (dropping the 19) and it would add up to 111. So at playgroup one day we all sat around and worked it out.. and it worked.. eg. I just turned 30, and I was born in '81... 30+81=111. We also worked out that for our kids, theirs all worked out to 11.. eg Blossom was 3 & born in '08 - 3+8=11. Amusing, yes? So I decided that if I made us all mug rugs out of a single charm pack of "Good Fortune" we could "share in each other's Good Fortune". Completely corny, I know - but that's me!

So I made up a whole pile of disappearing 9 patch blocks using my good fortune charms and came up with:

Kym's, Linda's, Phillipa's & Belinda's, basted and ready to quilt.
 They're completely double sided, and each mug rug uses 3 disappearing 9 patch blocks. Once I've finished them all I might even post a tutorial for you, incase anyone is interested in making their own!
Kym's & Phillipa's, side #1

Kym's and Phillipa's, side #2
Because I only had a charm pack I had to go out and buy some generic fabric for binding from Spotlight - which of course Kate Spain picked up on straight away when I sent her some pics on twitter! Oops! Next time I'll have to plan in advance and buy yardage to match. I've finished 2 mug rugs (and given them to Kym & Phillipa), with Linda's & Belinda's quilted and ready to bind.. and mine still needs to be quilted & bound. It was surprisingly hard to give them away, because I just love this fabric! So to ease the pain I purchased a Fat Eighth bundle from Quiltjane's Want it, Need it, Quilt store.. I'm definitely making a throw quilt for my couch out of that.. and I'll have the mug rug to match!

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  1. Great mug rugs and I love the idea behind them. Very sweet gift :)

    I'm really loving Good Fortune too - I just bought FQs and another charm pack for a quilt that's just for me :)

  2. What a great idea in chopping up those nine patches - looking forward to the tutorial!

  3. These are adorable!! Love them!!!

  4. you will have to see my couch quilt i made on my blog. its not made with name fabrics but i love it

  5. I LOVE what you did with the Kate Spain fabric - I just got my second shipment of it today. You might have fun reading my blog about the fabric.


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