Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hexagons and Wonky Log Cabins

I was looking through my Craftsy BOM block photos last night and realised that I hadn't taken any photos of my completed April & May blocks! (Or my June blocks, but I haven't even started those yet!)

So without further ado, may I present:

April Block #1 - Hexy Stripe
I very much enjoyed the Hexy Stripe block - I wish I'd thought to do what Phillipa did with hers and place the hexies on the diagonal so that I didn't have to cut any up! Infact, I enjoyed it so much that it served as inspiration for my QCA Handmade Swap project that I have under way at the moment.. more details about that another time, though (it's a secret!)

April Block #2 - Sunny with a Chance of Hex

This block was *so* easy.. I can't imagine anyone being intimidated by hexagons after trying this block.. hardly any whipstitching, and if you're as lazy as I am you will have used your sewing machine to applique them onto the background! Perfect for a beginner.. really! If you've never tried hexies, don't be afraid!

May Block #1 - Framed Wonky Log Cabin

I *really* love how this block turned out! I confess to having fussy cut the centre squares for both of the May blocks, and I'm so glad I did. This is one of my favourite blocks so far, and I'd certainly use it again on another quilt. (This rather surprised me as I'm not really a super modern kind of girl.. or am I?) 

May Block #2 - 5 Sided Wonky Log Cabin
I really hated constructing this block.. the whole time I was bitching to Phillipa about how it looked crap and I didn't think it was going to turn out AT ALL. Clearly I was wrong, because now that it's finished I think it looks kind of awesome. I made the conscious decision halfway through to put the centre block en pointe and I think that made all the difference. If I ever made this block again though, I would start with a 5 sided centre block instead of a square.

I'm so happy with my fabric choice too - Delighted (by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake) has such a great range in the colour palette which has given me so much flexibility in my blocks. I think my favourites are definitely the pinks, blues and greens... but the reds and yellows are striking too.

And now to do those June blocks...


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