Sunday, 24 June 2012

June Craftsy BOM Blocks

June Block #1 - Greek Cross
I can't believe that we're over half way with the Craftsy Block of the Month blocks already.. Sure, the quilt won't be finished until Christmas, but November and December are sashing/ bordering/ quilting/ binding months which only leaves 4 months or 8 blocks left!

I've really enjoyed learning new techniques and I can't wait to see how it will all turn out in the end.

This month's blocks were the "Greek Cross" and the "Octagon".. both very simple and quite similar. The "Greek Cross" caught my eye when I saw the printout instructions because I realised that if you simply change the colour placement of the blocks it's also the "Churn Dash" block! I bet you all knew that already, but for me it was a great illustration of how colour placement can completely change the way a block looks. I'm really loving the clean cut simplicity of the "Greek Cross" block.

June Block #2 - Octagon
I'll have to take a photo of all my blocks together, but incase you want to see them all in the same place, they're on my Bee/BOM Blocks page - I noticed that the green dots seem to be featuring in almost all the blocks.. a fabric that I never thought would be so popular! It just blends so well with the other fabrics, yet still adding a little zing!

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  1. That is really good work, loved the creativity of people here. Going to bookmark your blog to read more such posts. Thanks for sharing it


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