Thursday, 8 September 2011

GO! with the Flo!

My parcel has arrived!
So I promised to report last night on the opening of my package, but by the time I got home from Weight Watchers, picked the kids up, put them to bed and then cooked dinner for myself and my husband I was falling asleep!

Let's see what's in the box..

But don't think that I left my package untouched! I must confess that I came home before WW, opened my package, took photos of all the contents, demonstrated a quick cut for my husband and then packed it all back up and ran out the door.
What shape will we make?

How about a drunkard's path..

This morning I took my box over to my MIL's house and introduced my brand new Accuquilt GO! to her new home. I have named her Florence, or Flo the GO! for short. Once again I ceremoniously unpacked my box, and gave Flo her own dedicated workspace.

All my new toys (well, 2 dies are on back order)

In front of the window? Why not!
Actually, perhaps over here would be better.
I ended up moving Flo from the big desk to the table because then the desk is free to lay out quilt tops, cut larger pieces of fabric etc (in the picture you can see the wadding from Bean's quilt).

While I was super keen to get the Harry Potter quilt that I am making for Bean as a Christmas present going, I discovered that my "4 inch squares" are not all quite 4"... some are just a fraction short, which presents a problem as far as accuracy goes. Sigh. So maybe we might not be doing the split drunkard's path in the HP prints, although I can probably still incorporate it into the overall design somehow.
Harry Potter Fabric laid out (not in any order/design)

Instead of getting the cutting started now that I need time to think, I decided to lay out all my squares to see how much fabric I had compared to the size of the wadding. Total HP prints are nearly half. With coordinating fabric squares, nearly the full top. So I still need to go buy some fabric (oh what a tragedy!) which is perfectly timed with a mommy fabric shopping playdate we had pencilled in for tomorrow! I want to try out the owls from The Tulip Patch and make some Hedwig blocks for the corners of Bean's quilt, so I will look out for some fabric specifically for that, too.
Mary's (The Tulip Patch) Roly Poly Owl Block
My other option now that I'm limited to which blocks I can use for the drunkard's path (as far as accuracy goes) is the 3.5" tumbler block... which is on back order from Cutting Art at the moment, so it might be another week or so before it arrives (along with my 2.5" strip die). Any one have any interesting ideas of things I could do with a tumbler block aside from the standard tumbler design?

While laying out the HP fabric the power went off for a while, so I finished playing with the fabric, packed up, outlined all my dies with permanent marker and went home to make lunch before taking Blossom to kindy.

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  1. Grain my dear! To get accurate cuts you need to pay attention to grain. Once I learned that lesson all was well! However, sometimes I am cutting scraps so if I am not getting perfect cuts I put a piece of scrap paper on top, before the mat, and I get perfect cuts. There are many YouTbue videos on placing properly for grain. HTH!


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