Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My new digs!

I'm getting an upgrade on my sewing room! Up until Monday, my sewing room (one of the small bedrooms at my MIL's) looked like:

Just enough room for my sewing cabinet, a cutting table and some storage space. But because we're moving into my MIL's house, this room is going to become Blossom's bedroom and my sewing stuff has to move... Luckily for me, the only other option is the formal dining room (which was being used as an office) which means that my sewing room now looks like:

I took the photos after I finished moving furniture, so I haven't finished "unpacking" and setting it up yet.. not to mention that I was waiting for my Accuquilt GO! to arrive so that I could set it up and then work out where else everything else could fit around it. But I'm super-excited to have room to breathe, and where I can lay out Bean's Harry Potter quilt pieces as they come together and not have to worry about moving everything so that I can cut/sew.

And now that my Go! arrived today, I can really get my act into gear! Yay!

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