Friday, 16 September 2011

Hedwig the Owl (Part 2 - Thursday)

After dropping Bean off at school, Blossom and I went over to my MIL's so that I could finish off my owls. But before I could start sewing, Blossom wanted to go and say good morning to the chookies and see if there were any eggs to collect.
Good morning, girls!

Blossom proudly showing off her haul.
With the "chores" out of the way I was free to finish sewing the rest of my base blocks together and then press them.

The rest of the blocks ready to be pressed

Blossom playing photographer

She's only as tall as the ironing board, can you tell?

Halfway there!
 The morning was mostly spent alternating between the sewing machine and the ironing board, sewing and pressing until.....
Four completed owls! (Well, minus the appliqued eyes)
 Then it was time to give Flo some attention and cut some felt for the eyes. I used the 1" and the 1/2" circles on my Rose of Sharon die. I wasn't sure what colour to do the eyes, so I cut a pair out of each colour that I had and then took a poll. Blossom voted for blue. My husband voted for blue. My girlfriend Linda voted for blue. The blues have it. I also kind of liked the brown, but the blue matches the background fabric nicely. The yellow and the orange are just plain demonic... but would be a great idea for monster eyes (on a different quilt).
Eenie, Meanie, Miney, Mo.. my mother said to pick this one.. Blue!
So this afternoon I went to my local quilt shop to buy some Vliesofix to put on my owl eyes (yes, I realise this is backwards - I should have done that BEFORE cutting) and tomorrow morning (or is that today, seeing as it's 1:45am?) I will attach the eyes to the blocks, although I might just do the white bits for now and wait until I've sorted out the rest of the layout before I commit to a direction for the owls to be "looking"... or maybe I'll just decide to have them looking straight ahead because an owl with half an eye is just plain weird.


  1. Hai avuto una idea stupenda!
    Ciao dall'Italia

  2. You did awesome! You know I was thinking if you made a slightly bigger square for the beak, made it pink, and put it at the top of the bottom piece...well, that might be crookshanks. Yup, I'm Harry Potter nerd, too :)

  3. What a cute owls.....


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