Thursday, 1 September 2011

Speaking of Crochet..

Blossom modelling her poncho for Mummy
One of the other projects I've been doing is a crocheted poncho (from Paton's 'Learn to Crochet' book).. I was so keen to try out the pattern that I had to jump straight in, but the largest hook I had was a 6.5mm, not the 8mm that it suggested, and my wool wasn't as big as the one they suggested either.. so while the pattern suggested it would be a one size fits most, it was WAY too small for me.... but PERFECT in size for my daughter!

Having completed her poncho, I then went out to specifically purchase a larger crochet hook and some heavier wool so that I could also have one... It turned out beautifully, but I think my tension was a bit too tight and personally I felt it could have been a little bit longer at the sides. So I thought I might make myself another one using a 9mm hook, but Spotlight didn't have the 'natural' coloured wool that I'd been using so I ended up buying this gorgeous green coloured wool (that had originally caught my eye, but I'd been set on natural) instead.

Then in the meantime, before I could start on the green one, Blossom decided that I HAD to make her little friend a poncho like hers for a birthday party that was the very next day. So I powered through it like a trooper - from 11am that morning until 1:30am the next morning (along with all the normal daily distractions etc) and actually managed to complete it in the one day! I was rather impressed with myself, I can tell you! I think by then, having completed 3 ponchos my tension was getting a bit looser and so this little girl's poncho was a bit bigger than Blossom's, and she was only turning 2! Oh well, it should fit her for a while!

Size comparison - same pattern, 6.5mm vs 8mm crochet hook
By this stage, all I'd been doing for about a fortnight was ponchos, so I have been dragging my feet on the green one, choosing instead to work on the jug covers (as mentioned in the last post).. but I need to get a wriggle on, because my wonderful husband bought us tickets to go to WICKED in 10 days and I need something green to wear!

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