Saturday, 7 April 2012

Aurifil Designer Collection Competition

 Lily's Quilts is hosting a competition a la Quokka Quilts (Laura) & I'm a Ginger Monkey (Katy) - except this time instead of fabric bundles, you get to design your own dream Aurifil thread collection. Can anyone say awesome??

I currently have 5 collections planned, mostly for projects I have in the pipeline (because really, if you're going to win thread wouldn't it be great if it was for a project?).. So far I've only put two of my collections together, so without further ado let me introduce you to:

 "Hopping to California"

Inspired by Figtree & Co's "California Girl" range, this collection (should I win!) was designed to be used with my "California Girl" jelly roll that is earmarked to make Camille Roskelley's "Hopscotch" quilt pattern as part of Katy's "Swooning-on-a-hop-along".

Threads used are designed to be in a 40wt, perfect for piecing and quilting.

Top Row:
1. 2130, 2. 1135, 3. 1231, 4. 1147

Middle Row:
1. 2021, 2. 4668, 3. 2220, 4. 2250

Bottom Row:
1. 5007, 2. 5006, 3. 1320, 4. 2325

"Divine Sweetness" 

My second collection is inspired by The Quilted Fish's "Sweet Divinity" range. I have purchased most of the prints in this range (and her "Sugar & Spice" range) so that when we finally move house I can do up Blossom's room.. new quilt, bunting, cushions, you name it! I really wanted something that wasn't just pink, because little girls grow up eventually and I wanted something that would see her through quite a few more years!

Again, the threads I've chosen would be a 40wt, perfect for piecing, quilting and perhaps even a little applique, embellishment or machine embroidery!

Top Row:
1. 2024, 2. 3770, 3. 2805, 4. 2815

Middle Row:
1. 2105, 2. 2135, 3. 4653, 4. 2888

Bottom Row:
1. 4660, 2. 3660, 3. 2588, 4. 4020


  1. Hi how are you?

    I was looking through your blog, and I found it interesting, and inspiring to me, so I thought why not post a comment.

    I have blogs also obviously, and would like to invite you to become my blog friend.

    I mostly post about the California experience through the perspective of personal writings, and my art.

    Maybe you can become my friend, and follow, and I can also follow you, if that is okay.

    Well I hope to hear from you soon… :)

    Jesse Noe Mendez

  2. Hi Tracey,

    I have just been so inspired by hopping from your blog to the Craftsy classes and I say thank you for putting their button on your blog. I can see plenty of fun coming my way, which I will then share on my blog all to see.

    Sharina (aka Polly)

  3. Blimey you have some unusual commenters here. Can I be really boring and say I love your mosaics with the extra bits added. I'm trying to twist Alex's arm to have a third winner from the most interesting / creative mosaics, so please post these like this with the extra bits added - OK now I'm a weird commenter too with this long-winded comment!


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