Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sisterhood of the Travelling Stash

"Sasha Stash" arrived on my doorstep last week, having come directly from Janine (who was the first person to receive the stash!). Opening the parcel was such a thrill.. looking through, weighing which goodies to take and working out what to put in.. so much fun!

Sasha Stash's contents upon arrival
 One of the things that caught my eye straight away was a length of fabric from Khristian A Howell's Woodlands collection.. in orange.. which just happens to be the colour I was assigned in the QCA Rainbow Charm Swap (which still has a couple of vacancies if anyone's keen). I did have another fabric earmarked for the swap, but as soon as I saw this I just had to use it. I took the instructions that Cass had included to heart and only cut what I needed for the charm squares, which left about a half yard for me to pop back into the stash (and incidentally, McKenna chose to keep it, so I'm glad I put it back!)
Blossom took control of the camera while I was cutting charm squares
So from the stash I ended up taking approx 1 yd of fabric, the dresden plate templates and a spool of ribbon by French General (I can't decide whether I love the spool or the ribbon more!). And as a bonus, my charm squares for the Rainbow Swap are now cut and ready to post. Talk about a productive day!
My new bits and pieces
 I then packed up "Sasha" and added a few things of my own: a panel of Michael Miller's "Classic Glass", 2x 1/2 yard pieces of "Colourful Christmas" quilting flannel by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake (I figured that gave better flexibility than cutting it into FQs, although others can do that as they wish), a mini charm pack of "Antique Fair" by Blackbird Designs for Moda, 2x packets of "handmade by" labels and a packet of cute little owl buttons (which I thought would appeal to the owl fabric fans).
My contribution to the stash
 The kids and I hopped in the car, headed down the hill and escorted "Sasha" to her next destination. "Sasha" is now visiting McKenna (who has already blogged about the stash! And added some awesome pieces, I might add - love that bag!) before jetting off on the next leg of her journey.
Sasha Stash is now in McKenna's capable hands!
And so ends my cameo appearance in the Sisterhood of the Travelling Stash. Thanks for the fun, girls!


  1. wow looks awesome.. can't wait for it to get over here. such lovely looking pieces and what a great story.

  2. Looking forward to it's arrival at my house :-)

  3. The stash seems to be growing! You put in more than you took out!

  4. How fun! Look forward to seeing some Dresden blocks! ;)

  5. And could you post a less flattering picture then that of me!

  6. Awesome! I'm getting more and more excited for the stash's arrival over here too!

  7. Thanks for the update on Sasha. She seems to be putting on a little weight though. ;)

  8. I was certainly confused when I read you took some orange fabric, after reading McKenna's blog LOL but you cleared it up. Now I'm ten million times excited that not only is some of the fabric (previously unused, here in my NSW spare room) going into making a bag, but now it's multiplied by over 50+ spread out recipients! I could not have dreamed that (even though it's kind of in a secret way that they'll never know the true meaning) something could have travelled so far and wide! And here's what's more... that fabric was given to me!
    Thanks for your cameo role, Tracey!

  9. How fun! I would probably want to keep everything!


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