Sunday, 15 April 2012

Australian Sewing Summit..

Because us Aussies are SOOOO far away from the rest of the world and we aren't able to attend Sewing Summit easily, a few of my Australian bloggy girlfriends (like Laura, Jane & Anorina) and I started talking about having an Australian Sewing Summit as an homage to the original, and so that we'd all have an opportunity to meet up and talk all things sewing & quilty!

Image taken from Australian Sewing Summit's blog

Of course, here in Australia interstate flight prices are ridiculous, so it makes much more sense for said Australian Sewing Summit to be held in the National Holiday Destination of choice - Bali! Cheaper to travel & stay (and eat, and shop..) in Bali than to travel to the other side of the country.

Image taken from Australian Sewing Summit's blog

Bali has benefits other than cheap airfares and accommodation though... for example, Batik fabrics are only $2.50/m!! Laura has recently returned from a "research" trip and has some fantastic ideas about Batik workshops and other things that we can do while we're there, especially as going to Bali really rules out taking along our sewing machines. It will be more of a brain storming, networking, hands on workshops (maybe hand piecing?) kind of summit, perhaps with a few massages and cocktails thrown in for good measure!

So how do you find out more about this weekend of sun, surf, sand, shopping, sewing and socialising? Check out the Australian Sewing Summit blog and register your interest. You can also find Laura, Jane and I tweeting about Australian Summit with the #ASS hashtag - but search that at your own risk! (I'd recommend following any or all of us on twitter instead, just to be on the safe side!)


  1. That is an unfortunate hashtag... Sounds like a fun trip, I hope I can make it too :)

  2. I've just put this in my diary for 2013. I'm ready!

  3. I've just put this in my diary for 2013. I'm ready!


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