Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter crafts

We got notice last Friday afternoon that the kids were having an Easter Hat Parade on Tuesday morning. For most of us, this was our first foray into Easter Hat making as the kids made their hats in class last year. Happily for me, I was on my way down to Spotlight anyway (armed with the $10 VIP vouchers they had going) and discovered that all their Easter stuff had been marked down by 50%. Sweet! Even better, they had lots of Easter DIY activities, including an Easter Bonnet kit.

 For my $10 I came home armed with Easter basket kits, foam mask kits, an Easter bonnet kit and a pile of decorative eggs & chicks. Of course, because Blossom didn't get to make an Easter hat we had to start with something she could join in on - the Easter baskets! The kits came complete with sequins in heart, star, leaf & regular sequin shapes, so everyone got a chance to decorate to their heart's content. And we still have sequins left over!

From the side

And don't forget the back!
 With Blossom all sequined out, Bean and I were free to continue on with the Easter hat. It came with a foam bunny design that Bean put together on his own (including drawing the mouth with permanent marker) and a couple of adhesive foam eggs and a pink pompom tail. I'd also bought some funny faced eggs that Bean stuck onto his hat with a little sticky tape. Not fancy, no hot glue, but Bean LOVED it. He was so proud when I dropped him off at school on the Tuesday, and one of the other mum's took photos during the Easter Hat Parade, and he just looked so happy! (Meanwhile, I was on roster in Kindy with Blossom, so I couldn't be there to watch.)

Bean's self-decorated Easter Hat

And the back with the pink fluffy tail!
 On the Saturday that Mum and I bought Daisy the embroidery machine we again raided the 50% off Easter stuff and came home with some paint & decorate polystyrene eggs. The kids did this activity with Mum while the husband and I opened Daisy's box and checked her out.
Through the week we also made up some of our other crafty things, like the foam masks and some foam easter egg stickers, which we stuck to the glass sliding doors in the kitchen just to make it a little more festive.

I've also got a couple of other things up my sleeve that we might pull out today.. especially seeing as our Easter lunch plans were canned yesterday afternoon as a result of both kids getting a virus through the week and fears that we might pass it on to my little nephew.

So we've mostly eaten chocolate and hot cross buns today (ok, only my husband and I ate the hot cross buns, the kids are operating in sugar-only mode) and I'm psyching myself up to head down to the only open Spotlight near me as a consolation.. might as well get some 40% off fabric/batting instead of gorging myself, right!?

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  1. These are so cute! I love that the kids got to be creative as well! I found you at Cheri's blog hop, and am your newest follower, will you follow me back?


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